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The Tree of Life and Mt Druitt Palliative Care

Found! The Tree of Life is in Mt Druitt.

Standing in-front of her potted twig Trish Dalgleish told us about her promotional in the local Mall where she and the team enticed passer-bys to write their bucket list on a card. Tie card to tree and presto, Tree of Life.

Is this all part of being the Nurse Unit Manager at the Mt Druitt Palliative Care Unit?

“Well not exactly, but in Palliative Care we do ‘care’ really well, and people need to know about it” said Trish.

Raising awareness about Palliative Care is important in the Mt Druitt and surrounding communities which are richly multicultural. Each multicultural group has their own set of beliefs and willingness when it comes to supportive care and end of life.

“Mt Druitt has changed a lot since I grew up here as a kid. With housing affordability we are seeing an increased number of people moving and settling here. Some of the cultural groups probably won’t want to come near Palliative Care, but we need to make sure they know that we are here for them.”

The Mt Druitt unit is in a park-like setting with 16 beds, and forms part of the Blacktown Mt Druitt Hospital in the Western Sydney LHD. Trish will be involved with the Palliative Care NSW team in creating a workshop for local schools in order to spread the word and raise awareness about Palliative Care and of its many merits and benefits to our communities.

So what did those people write on their bucket list? Why not hold your own Tree of Life promotion in your local Mall and see for yourself.

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