Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

Reverie Harp

Clare Steward volunteers with the Nepean/Hawkesbury Service and participated in the Reverie Harp Self-Learning Package program

Learning to Play the Reverie Harp – an On-Line Resource for any level of Musical Experience (including none!)

In late 2019 two Reverie Harps were procured for use in the Palliative Care Volunteer Services in Nepean Blue Mountains LHD in NSW, Australia. The COVID-19 pandemic however halted plans for face-to-face training in the harp, and implementation of it as another option in the support services offered to patients/clients and their carers/families.

So in 2020, in collaboration with the co-founder of the Harp, Peter Roberts from Roberts Music, and Registered Music Therapist Lucy Morgan, it was proposed to develop a self-learning package for the Harp. A particular aim was to showcase its accessibility particularly for non-musical persons, to complement pre-existing harp applications already established by Roberts Music, and showcased on their website.

A Volunteer from each Service participated in the program, with Clare only previously having basic childhood music exposure. A series of Zoom sessions over a three month period focused on how to play the Reverie Harp, and its use and potential in the Palliative Care space. A supportive and empowering environment was established which promoted a safe and positive journey together. An analysis of the Volunteers pre and post training surveys clearly demonstrated their increase in ability and confidence in utilising the harp in palliative care. Clare subsequently played the harp in an on-line resource for bereaved families which replaced the usual face-to-face Memorial Day in 2020.

The Zoom sessions were subsequently edited by Lucy Morgan into a self-learning package of 25 minutes. An agreement is in place between all parties which allows for its use in a variety of settings, including Palliative Care Volunteer Networks.

The resource can be viewed on the Palliative Care NSW YouTube channel by clicking here.

For more information or to enquire about purchasing a Reverie Harp please go to the Roberts Music website here: