Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme
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Peering closely at nurses and palliative care volunteers

What can we learn about volunteers from the nurses that work closely with them?

Nurses have more involvement with palliative care volunteers than any other group of clinicians. Nurses are involved in referrals to volunteers, training of volunteers, oversight of volunteer management, development of new services and championing volunteers.

A short online survey will explore nurse’s attitudes towards the involvement of volunteers in palliative care. Nurses working with palliative care volunteers around NSW will be asked to complete the survey.

To put muscle into this important study is intern Jess Marsden who has joined us from Macquarie University. Jess is currently in the third year of a combined Bachelor of Social Sciences and Bachelor of Laws and has a particular interest in human rights.

Jess will be managing the survey and working with Policy Officer Kate Bowman as part of a bigger project exploring the experience of nurses in a new palliative care volunteer service. Welcome Jess!

Pic: Jess Marsden


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