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Biographer asks palliative care volunteers for their stories

Don’t be fooled by her kind and gentle nature!

Former volunteer biographer in palliative care and editor Ros Bradley has a unique talent for distilling wisdom from those who work at end of life.

Last year she published a compendium of stories from 60 authors about death; not only their reflections on death, but also their reflections on life and the experience of living amongst the dying.

Her book ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ makes for compelling reading. Each contribution is short. Each story is rich in meaning. Many of the authors offer a favourite verse.

A Holocaust survivor, a death row inmate, leaders and artists. Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Baha’i. The breadth of contributions reminds us that dying has a life that is lived amongst us all.

I am secretly envious that she had the Foreword written by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

In 2017 Ros is working with us at the Volunteer Support Services Programme to talk to palliative care volunteers about their experiences of working with people at the end of life.

In the lead-up to National Palliative Care Week (21-28th May) Ros will be asking volunteers to contribute stories, art and wisdom as they reflect on their roles.

We have purchased a number of her books ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ and will be giving one to each of the 40 or so Palliative Care Volunteer Services in NSW. Books should arrive in the next few days, volunteers check with your manager to read a copy.

If you are a volunteer and would like more information on how to be involved in sharing your reflections about life and death contact Ros on

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