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Cool aid for home death from volunteers in Bellingen

See the original story in the Bellingen Courier-Sun.

Miindala, a local volunteer organisation, is proud to introduce the region’s first and only Coolplate, which works like a fridge.

They are widely used in the Netherlands to keep the body of a deceased person at home prior to the funeral.

Anna Chetan Bloemhard, the coordinator of Miindala says that “research shows that wherever possible, active participation in the preparation and keeping at home of the body of a beloved family member is very healing and nurturing for all involved”.

The Coolplate makes staying at home for a day or more feasible by giving people the time and space they need to say goodbye in a meaningful way.

Having the body at home after death has been common practice in the past and it still in some countries around the world.

“It supports the process of grieving as it normalises death. Just as home-birthing, these practices are now having a comeback”.

Miindala is proud to offer this service as a non-commercial enterprise.

For a suggested donation people will be able to use the Coolplate at their home; it is easy to transport in a normal car and it comes with clear guidelines for use. The plate is currently located in Bellingen.

Miindala is the local branch of NALAG (National Organisation of Loss and Grief). Their volunteers support people in loss and grief, either in one on one sessions, or by offering workshops and events in the Bellingen, Dorrigo and Coffs Harbour area.

For more information ring the Miindala phone on 0448 084 792 or email

Pic: Anna Chetan Bloemhard, coordinator Miindala and Guus Brunnekreef, local contact for the Coolplate. Credit Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun

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