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Celebrating NSW Health Volunteer Appreciation Day 2018

Today marks NSW Health's Volunteer Appreciation Day for 2018.

On this day NSW Health volunteer services are encouraged to take the opportunity to hold an event or celebration to recognise the contribution of their volunteers to the support of patients and carers.

Click here for more information on the NSW Health website.

NSW Health volunteers help out with patient support, health promotion activities, fund raising through the local Hospital Auxiliary, helping people find their way around a facility, being a member of the local Health Council and a range of other tasks.

In NSW there are about 42 Palliative Care Volunteer Services across the state, the majority of which are embedded within NSW Health services including hospitals, community nursing and community health centres.

Today we salute all NSW Health volunteers and thank them for their generous contribution to patient support!

Pic: A group of volunteers from NSW Health join with clinicians at the recent Spirituality and Reflective Practice Forum in Wagga Wagga. The event was hosted by the Volunteer Support Services Programme at Palliative Care NSW.


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