Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme
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Volunteers needed for Tweed Palliative Support

See the original story by Jonathan Howard in the Tweed Valley Weekly.

Tweed Palliative Support is urgently seeking new volunteers to undertake carer training in 2018.

Known locally as one of the best free services for palliative patients and receiving zero government funding, Tweed Palliative Support and Wedgetail Hospice is run by an outstanding group of volunteers who welcome new volunteers with open arms.

Volunteers completing the training will have the opportunity to care for Tweed Palliative Support clients at Wedgetail Hospice, in the home-care service and out and about in the community.

Volunteers will work with patients such as local identity Albert (Albi) Webster, who has been a member of the show society for 25 years.

Albi was instrumental in introducing a dog show to the Tweed Shire 25 years ago and 15 years ago he started the Tweed River K9 Club.

“I used to travel all over the country and saw dog shows happening everywhere, so I thought why not have one in Murwillumbah,” Albi said.

“Barry Roach suggested the show society host the dog shows, which are still running today.”

Albi has about 40 years of breeding dogs around the world and had the reputation as the only person to breed a pure white Chihuahua.

“I love Chihuahuas, they have a great temperament with a spicy attitude.”

TPS volunteer training coordinator Autumne Camidge said volunteers in the service say that donating their time and energy to help people is enriching for themselves as well as being a privileged role.

“The annual free training program does cover many aspects of palliative care and equips people with the skills and knowledge to ensure they are confident and competent volunteer carers,” she said.

Tweed Palliative Support knows the importance of teamwork and commitment in providing a free service that can function effectively and compassionately in our community.”

Training is Tuesdays 9.30am-3.00pm starting soon.

If you are interested in joining the training and contributing to your community in a unique and meaningful way, you can contact Tweed Palliative Support by phoning: (02) 6672 8459 or email

Pic credit: Tweed Valley Weekly

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