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Art, meaning and National Palliative Care Week

The launch of National Palliative Care Week featured art from 5 Artists and their Reflections on Care exhibition.

The 5 Artists are connected with the Jewish community, and their exhibition is a fundraiser to jointly benefit Palliative Care NSW and Jewish House. A large and appreciative audience represented the palliative care community, the Jewish community and the arts community.

In her opening address Professor Norelle Lickiss discussed the connections between the Jewish tradition and the palliative care tradition:

“The palliative care movement that arose in England was a protest movement…against neglect of the weak and the dying.

“What about palliative care in our own days? I would like to put it to you that it is also a protest movement … against the depersonalisation of experience in our society, designed to reduce human interaction for the sake of efficiency…so we have in palliative care and in the work of Jewish House a concentration of the place of the personal.

“That is what holds these traditions together.

The exhibition continues at Comber Street Studios in Paddington until 1st of June 2016. For more information see also the 5 Artists website.

Pic: Attendees at the launch, and some of the art work.

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