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Volunteers and the therapy of creative art

About 25 volunteers and managers headed to the Volunteer Workshop in Orange during National Palliative Care Week to reflect on palliative care and celebrating life creatively.

Justine Henderson, Art Therapist, spoke about her own experiences as a volunteer at Bear Cottage, the children’s hospice in Manly.

She presented an art therapy workshop and participants got up close and personal with art techniques that can be used to help clients express their feelings and discover meaning.

Maree Hornery, Social Worker, spoke about how humans experience feelings through the life span and ways of working through difficult feelings in others and in yourself.

Alex Huntir, from Palliative Care NSW, challenged the participants to re-imagine their role in the revolution that bought life to modern palliative care.

A big thanks to James Daley, Bernadette Orange and the organising team!

Pic: Art in action at the workshop

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Art, meaning and National Palliative Care Week

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