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Volunteers help cancer and palliative care services flourish at Daffodil Cottage, Bathurst

Daffodil Cottage sits quietly on the Bathurst Hospital precinct, dwarfed by the imposing and ornate 19th century hospital building not far from its front door.

But that small separation says a lot about being different. And being a place of peace and calm different to a busy hospital is important to the work of Daffodil Cottage in being present for people receiving a range of support from chemotherapy to palliative care.

Desiree Burgess is Nurse Unit Manager at Daffodil Cottage.

“Daffodil Cottage Chemotherapy Unit provides chemotherapy administration services to outpatients of Bathurst Health Service, and we are really well supported by volunteers from the Bathurst community”.

Daffodil Cottage has up to 40 volunteers involved in various roles including clinic support, Wig Library, Life Stories, prostate cancer and Bosom Buddies groups.

Simone has been a volunteer for about 7 years with some 4 years in home visiting roles. As volunteer co-ordinator she has recently been involved in an update of the service’s community visiting volunteer policies & procedures.

Desiree explains that “referrals to the volunteer service come from the Palliative Care Team in Bathurst” which is headed up by local CNC James Daley. “The main focus for palliative care volunteers is on carer respite and companionship roles”.

Art also flourishes in the cottage. On the wall is a large and beautiful watercolour by Tasmanian landscape artist Geoff Dyer, recently donated by a grateful family. Above and around the front door is lead-lighting installed by a family member who wanted to add her touch to the ambience and memory of the space.

The art is a reminder of new things ahead for Daffodil Cottage. With new staff, and revised guidelines soon to take effect, the service is looking forward to continuing to support people receiving palliative care in the Bathurst and surrounding communities.

Congratulations to the volunteers and staff of Daffodil Cottage for their commitment to supporting people receiving palliative care and their families in the Bathurst area.

Pic: Simone Shearer (L) with Desiree Burgess (Nurse Unit Manager) at Daffodil Cottage.

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