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The Leaders of Health Volunteer Engagement (LoHVE) Network

The Leaders of Health Volunteer Engagement (LOHVE) Network commenced in 2011 to support volunteer managers and coordinators within the health sector. Spearheaded by Sharon Walsh, the network has grown to almost 130 members from all across Australia and New Zealand.

It’s purpose is to guide and support Health Volunteer Managers and Coordinators in the provision of well structured, integrated volunteer programs that are inclusive and benefit clients, volunteers, health services and the community.

The network’s objectives are:

  1. To promote leadership in health volunteer programs.
  2. To provide strategic and operational advice regarding volunteer issues including service integration.
  3. To provide a reference point for establishing new services
  4. To provide a forum for reviewing requirements and legislation necessary to ensure an appropriate, structured and consistent volunteer program that adds value to recipient of care, health facility and volunteer.
  5. To provide a reference point for benchmarking of health volunteer services
  6. . To provide assistance and share information where possible to assist each other to establish, improve and grow our individual health facilities volunteer programs.
  7. To assist and support all Health Volunteer Managers/Coordinators to provide leadership to volunteers in matters of professional conduct, issues arising and ongoing education/support directions.
  8. To ensure development of ethical frameworks for volunteer services to govern such matters as competency standards, development and research directions.
  9. To provide a forum for development, implementation and timely review of relevant policies, procedures, guidelines and forms.

For the past five years, the LoHVE Network has benchmarked health volunteering as a way to inform future health volunteer programs for participants, organizations, peak bodies and government.

Each year, volunteer managers and coordinators in the health sector to participate in this benchmarking activity. An overview of the results when published will be available to participants, peak bodies and other interested parties.

The survey is open all through March. Click here to take part in the survey.

For more information about the LoHVE Network, or to become a member, contact Sharon Walsh (

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