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The NSW State of Volunteering Survey is now open

The Centre for Volunteering, in partnership with the Department of Communities and Justice, is excited to be producing the inaugural NSW State of Volunteering report. The input of every volunteer involving organisation by completing a short 10 minute survey is essential to measure, advocate and shape the future of volunteering.

This research will help to demonstrate the many social, cultural, and economic benefits that volunteering contributes to our State.

A strong evidence base allows governments and organisations to make more informed decisions which better reflect the impact of volunteering.

The report will help Volunteer Involving Organisations shape a strong future for their volunteering programs by providing volunteer managers with key information to:

  • Understand the characteristics of volunteers, volunteering and volunteer-involving organisations,
  • Quantify the economic and social value of their volunteers and volunteering,
  • Improve their decision-making and approach to their volunteer workforce,
  • Shape targeted business cases, knowing the value of volunteering and the high return on investment, and
  • Better advocate for their organisation and volunteers.

This is your chance to tell the sector about volunteering in your organisation: What is the state of volunteering in your organisation? How has COVID-19 impacted your programs? Have the nature of your volunteers changed?

Complete the NSW State of Volunteering survey by 5 March.

Click here to take the survey.


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