Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

Study of community volunteers reveals need for palliative care training

Volunteers work with some of our most vulnerable people. We see them in the streets, in our homes and our shopping malls. They might deliver meals, provide a listening ear, attend a youth camp or visit aged care homes.

They probably don’t think of themselves as palliative care volunteers, but they might be working with people who need palliative care.

In 2016 PCNSW Policy Officer Kate Bowman undertook a study of a small sample of volunteer managers of community volunteer groups in NSW about their volunteer’s experience with and training in palliative care.

Click here to read more and find Kate’s report.

Pic: Kate Bowman, Policy Officer PCNSW

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One Comment

  1. Sandra Bill
    August 29, 2016

    Our Volunteer group purchased the Victorian Palliative Care for volunteers training package and 11 of my volunteers completed this course

    It gives scope for local content although I diid need to add NSW stats

    But a great program which worked very well for us

    Could not find anything similar for NSW


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