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Raising the profile of Volunteer Managers

I often hear managers of volunteers talk about how they feel their work is undervalued by others within their organisation. Part of the problem comes from a general lack of understanding about the role of volunteer managers.

There is a follow effect of this lack of understanding and it often shows in the ways spending is allocated within an organisation.

To help combat this The Centre for Volunteering is offering an online forum, “Raising the Profile of Volunteer Managers”. This one hour online forum will:

1) Further develop and share knowledge within the Volunteer Management community

2) Offer you practical tools to support you in increasing key stakeholders’ understanding of the value of the work that you do and communicating those messages to your wider organisation.

This forum is only $25 or free for members of The Centre for Volunteering.

Date: November 19

Time: 9:30 am

Click here for more information or to register.

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