Professional Development for Volunteer Managers

  • by Maria Lopez
  • June 21, 2022

The Centre for Volunteering is offering the following FREE professional development trainings for Volunteer Managers:

Inclusive Leadership for Volunteer Managers – Free workshop

How can you be an inclusive volunteer manager? Join Diversity Australia to learn how to develop or modify your leadership behaviours to maximise the benefits of diversity and create a more inclusive work environment for your volunteers. This session will allow participants to challenge and adapt their behaviours in a safe environment. Please note: Places are limited – this session is for volunteer managers in NSW only. June 28, 12:30-2pm 


Addressing Volunteer Motivations through Virtual Volunteering – Free session

COVID-19 has demonstrated that traditional volunteer program design leaves us open to disruption. The NSW State of Volunteering Report showed that there are plenty of people motivated to volunteer, but traditional programs do not work for them. Explore how you can meet volunteer motivations by introducing Virtual Volunteering into your programs. 30 June, 12:30 – 1:30 pm.


Inclusive Volunteering – Free workshops

Is your volunteer-involving organisation inclusive? What does it means to be inclusive and how can you reduce the barriers to inclusion? Join this free session, for individuals and organisations, to explore how to increase inclusion and harness the positive outcomes of this. July 14, 10-11:15amAugust 16, 12-1:15pm and Sept 15, 3-4:15pm.


Communication, Cultural Baggage and Unconscious Bias – Free workshop

Tailored for volunteer managers and coordinators Evolve Communities will facilitate this session on communication, cultural baggage and unconscious bias specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Communities. Learn more about topics such as cultural differences in communication, including body language and Aboriginal English.  19 July, 12:30-1:30pm 


Embracing Youth Volunteering – Free session

With volunteer programs evolving and the volunteer workforce changing it’s time to embrace the next generation of volunteers. To successfully engage young volunteers we need to look at their motivations, the barriers they face and adapt to engage their talents. Explore what embracing youth volunteers involves, look at the challenges faced and cover considerations for adapting your programs. July 21, 12:30-1:30pm


National Police Checks – Free session
A National Police Check is often required when applying for volunteer positions. Join Shelfa Dignan from the NSW Police Force, for an overview on the National Police Check platform and process and how you can make getting a check easier and cheaper for your volunteers. August 25, 12:30- 1:30 pm 


Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Language for Volunteer Managers – Free workshop
As a leader of volunteers understanding the impacts of Unconscious Bias is essential in building strong volunteer teams. Coupling this with inclusive language we can make people feel valued and empowered. In this session Diversity Australia look at establishing when, where and how unconscious bias effects decision making and explain how to use people-centric inclusive language which values the diversity of all. 20 Sept, 12:30-2pm


Family and Kinship, Sorry Business and Cultural Leave – Free Workshop
In this workshop Evolve Communities will take you through a session on Family and Kinship, Sorry Business and Cultural Leave specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Communities. In this open session you will learn about the importance of kinship and family systems with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and how this relates to the working and volunteer environments today. 19 Oct, 12:30-1:30pm

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