Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme
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Planning increased support through palliative care volunteering in Western NSW

Dubbo. The planning team developing an innovative model of volunteer support in the northern sector of Western NSW Local Health District met recently to finalise implementation plans.

The model being developed will be guided by the building of relationships between local health services and community volunteer groups, supported by Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator Candice Golding

Candice has started talking with service managers and community groups about how the project will support local communities.

There are about 23 communities in the northern sector, although the initial pilot stage will focus on developing services in sites with the best synergy between partnering organisations.

The project is being overseen by Andrew Elms, recently appointed Cancer and Palliative Care Service Development Officer in Western NSW Local Health District.

Alison Dawes, local Palliative Care CNC is involved in guiding the project and clinical outcomes.

Alex Huntir and Kate Bowman from Palliative Care NSW are providing support with project design and stakeholder mapping.

For more information email Candice Golding or see a previous story about Candice’s role.

Pic: Standing in front of the Palliative Care office at Dubbo Hospital are Alex Huntir, Andrew Elms, Kate Bowman, Candice Golding and Alison Dawes.

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