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Networking new opportunities for palliative care volunteers across Western NSW

Dubbo. Travelling and networking across the central west is nothing new for Candice Golding, the new Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator based in Dubbo.

Candice will oversee the development of palliative care volunteering in the northern sector of the Western New South Wales Local Health District including Wellington, Dubbo, Mudgee and 20 or so other locations up to the Queensland border.

Her position is part of a new area-wide initiative by Western New South Wales Local Health District to increase access to palliative care volunteers.

“It’s all about supporting people in palliative care. And helping the community to understand that palliative care is not gloomy, and not just about the last days of life”.

Candice has a background in volunteer management in the Dubbo area, and is a strong advocate for the role of volunteers in community support.

“The local Palliative Care teams are really supportive of volunteer involvement”.

“With such a big area I am really aware of the benefits of partnerships. We’re hoping that existing volunteer groups will be interested in joining a network to find out more about palliative care, and being involved in supporting people in palliative care”.  

Volunteers will be involved in a diverse range of support including home visits, respite, life stories and bereavement.

A second position like Candice’s will soon commence in the southern sector of Western New South Wales Local Health District based in Orange.

Kate Bowman, from the Volunteer Support Services Programme at Palliative Care NSW, is offering project support to contact services in the northern sector, to learn about their work and talk about the plans for the network.

For more information email Candice Golding.

Pic: Candice

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