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NGOs discuss funding, practice and the future

If you are a non-government organisation which works with Palliative Care Volunteers you might like to join a network of other NGOs that will has started to meet together by teleconference to share experiences and information. 
NSW Health funded NGOs are facing proposed changes to their funding arrangements, and this has been one of the driving influences to give life to the new network. 

The dates for meetings in 2015 are:

  • Wed 20th May at 1100
  • Wed 17th June at 1100
  • Wed 15th July at 1100
  • Wed 19th August at 1100
  • Wed 16th September at 1100
  • Wed 14th October at 1100
  • Wed 18th November at 1100
  • Wed 16th December at 1100

If you would like to be involved please email us here at the Volunteer Support Services Program.

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