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Bereavement support – looking at volunteer involvement

Grief and bereavement is an inevitable part of the palliative care landscape. Currently, we have little information on the contribution of volunteers in this area. We know there are some volunteer services in NSW that delve into this field but as yet do not have a clear picture of what their job entails.

Fortunately, we have social researcher Natalie Kerr joining us to investigate what role volunteers play responding to the grief and bereavement of families and carers in a palliative care setting. 

"I am looking forward to understanding the volunteer role and how they deal with the environment," Natalie says.

Currently studying for a Bachelor of Social Science at Macquarie University, Natalie will be undertaking an internship here at Palliative Care NSW over the next few months. Her research project will investigate the contribution of volunteers to grief and bereavement services.

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Lighting the way for palliative care volunteering in Port Macquarie

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