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IVD 2018: Appreciation for community and hospital volunteers in Broken Hill

International Volunteer Day (IVD) 5th December 2018.

In Broken Hill the Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator Janet Pearce has been busy building a group of community visiting volunteers and more recently has taken on the management of volunteers providing palliative care support in the Broken Hill Hospital too.

Acknowledging her volunteers on International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2018 she writes:

“On International Volunteer Day we say thank you to the 6,000 or so palliative care volunteers in Australia, including the (approximately) 1,600 in NSW.

“This year’s theme “Volunteers build resilient communities”, recognises volunteers worldwide – with a special focus on local community volunteers – who contribute to making their communities more resilient.

“In Australia, volunteers are essential to building strong and resilient communities, increasing social inclusion, and social cohesion” – Volunteering Australia

“In the world of palliative care volunteering, the first response of the volunteer is empathy.  It’s a listening ear, an open heart, a caring moment, a calming spirit and a companionable soul.  These are the skills that people bring to their volunteer role that makes a real difference to people at end of life.

“So to the many palliative care volunteers we say ‘thank you for all that you do’.”

Anyone who is interested in volunteering with Palliative Care can contact Janet Pearce, Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator on 08 8080 1733 or email

Pic: With their Certificates of Appreciation for International Volunteers Day are volunteers Di, Sue, Dot, and Cilla with Janet Pearce Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator (R)

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Empowerment, resilience and volunteering: Celebrate International Volunteer Day 2018

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