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Interested in Hospice? Join a national gathering on the Gold Coast 15th March

15th March 2019, National Hospice Symposium, one day event.

Palliative Care Queensland are holding a National Hospice Symposium to bring together folk who are interested in the future of hospice care. The promoters write:

Hospice care is a style of care rather than something that takes place in a specific building. It seeks to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of adults and children with life limiting conditions, by honouring the diversity and uniqueness of each individual, with a goal to help them live as fully as they can for the precious time they have left.

In Queensland and Victoria the term hospice is often associated with the work and mission of not for profit organisations that provide residential services and/or home visiting staff and volunteers.

Interest is expected from residential hospice, not for profit organisations providing support to people at home, managers, board members and others with an interest in hospice care.

Click here for more information and to register.

Palliative Care NSW recently published “Towards a framework for community hospice in NSW (Part 3): Operating and managing community hospices in Australia” by Alex Huntir. Click here to find and download the document.

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