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Grief & bereavement support: Investigating involvement by volunteers

In 2017 we researched the experiences of palliative care volunteers who were in grief and bereavement support activities in NSW. Our interest was on those programs that were identified as having a ‘bereavement’ focus by experts in the field, by asking the question: ‘how do volunteers experience their involvement in programmes designed to respond to bereavement’?

The study was based on an online survey and looked into the ways in which palliative care volunteers offered support, if any, to caregivers who are bereaved and identified how and where this support was offered.

The report was completed by Kate Bowman & Alex Huntir from the Volunteer Support Services Programme with assistance by Macquarie University intern Natalie Kerr and guidance from Western Sydney LHD Bereavement Counsellor Kristin Bindley.

Thank you to everyone who contributed findings to the report.

Click here for more information and to download the report Investigating Involvement in Bereavement Support by Palliative Care Volunteers.

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