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Forum on Spirituality and Reflective Practice – Port Macquarie

Attention Port Macquarie! We are holding a Spirituality and Reflective Practice Forum with you on the 2nd of May 2018 as part of a one day seminar 'Being Present: Spirituality, art and experience in Palliative Care'.

Spirituality is a fundamental element of human experience that encompasses an individual's search for meaning and purpose in life and their experience of the transcendent.

In this forum Kate Englebrecht will discuss spirituality in the context of caring for people at or near the end of their lives. Kate will also explore reflective practice for practitioners and how meaning is made or formed from our experiences of caring.

This forum is particularly for the benefit of Palliative Care volunteers and people who are interested in becoming Palliative Care volunteers, as well as other health volunteers, volunteer managers and clinicians.

The Spirituality and Reflective Practice Forum is part of a one day seminar 'Being Present: Spirituality, art and experience in Palliative Care'. Why not stay for the whole day? Click here for all the details on the forum webpage.


Kate Englebrecht is Director of Mission and Vice-Chancellor of the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes who has lectured in spirituality and been a teacher for many years. She makes use of current observations and insights relevant to human development to inform an approach to supporting people and communities as they navigate their way through complex and challenging times. Kate has a particular desire to support those who care for those who are dying.

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