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Empathy and International Volunteer Day 2017

IVD 5 December 2017

In Australia, volunteers are essential to building strong and resilient communities, increasing social inclusion, and social cohesion. From the arts, education, emergency services, sports, environment, health, aged care, disability, and community welfare; volunteers play a vital role in delivering on the government’s priorities.

As an official supporter of International Volunteer Day, Volunteering Australia acknowledges and celebrates the critical role Australia’s 5.8 million volunteers play as the change-makers in our society (from Volunteering Australia).

On International Volunteer Day we too say thank you to the 6,000 or so palliative care volunteers in Australia, including the (approximately) 1,600 in NSW.

This years’ theme is Volunteers Act First. In the world of palliative care volunteering we could say that the first response of the volunteer is empathy. It's a listening ear, an open heart, a caring moment, a calming spirit and a companionable soul. These are the skills that people bring into their volunteer role that makes a transformative effect to people at end of life.  

‘We know from research what’s most important to people who are closer to death: comfort, feeling unburdened and unburdening to those they love; existential peace; and a sense of wonderment and spirituality.’ BJ Miller

So to the many palliative care volunteers we say 'thank you for all that you do'.

If you are interested in becoming a palliative care volunteer why not contact us, or head to our interactive map to find the volunteer service closest to you.


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