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Download now: Part 3 of our Community Hospice trilogy

What is community hospice? How does it work in the UK, NZ and in other parts of Australia? What might the future look like for community hospice in NSW?

By Community Hospice we mean a small independent residential hospice service providing end of life support and generally also respite. They are run by not for profit organisations that face significant challenges in their bottom line but indirectly drive effective community awareness about end of life support through their need to fundraise.

Alex Huntir from the Volunteer Support Services Programme at PCNSW has written a series of 3 papers (in 2016, 2016 & 2019) that looked at international experiences of hospice, themes associated with hospice, accommodation options at end of life in Australia and finally the experience of managing and operating community hospice in Australia.

This month we publish the third and final part of the trilogy Towards a framework for community hospice in NSW (Part 3): Operating and managing community hospices in Australia.

This report was completed after touring and talking with community hospices around Australia: Toowoomba Hospice, Ipswich Hospice Care, Hopewell Hospice, Anam Cara House Colac, Anam Cara Geelong, Wedgetail Retreat (Dulguigan, NSW) and Albany Community Hospice. We are grateful to all involved for their generous assistance in helping to provide details on their services.

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