Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme
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Change and growth for Tamworth volunteers

David Monk has spent the last 3 months recruiting 90 general volunteers for the new Tamworth Hospital, and he is only 3 months into his job.

As part of the hospital redevelopment the former Nioka Palliative Care Unit has been superseded by the new building which will have a designated 6 bed Palliative Care ward. It is on the new ward that the 6 to 8 Palliative Care volunteers will be engaged.

“In general we have volunteers who are 18 years and up to 84 years of age, but mostly they are in the 60-70 year old range.”

David and the volunteers are supported by the Hunter New England Local Health District.

David describes himself as a Volunteer Coordinator, not a Volunteer Manager. “I don’t manage the volunteers. That is done on each ward or location by the Unit Manager or another member of staff. My role is to recruit and then to oversee their support.”

There is some interest within the nursing team to look into establishing a community visiting volunteer service specifically for people in Palliative Care which will no doubt be welcomed by the city’s catchment of 70,000 or so residents. Welcome to the role David!

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