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About community hospice, home and other options

Towards a framework for community hospice in NSW (Part 2)

What are the residential options for palliative care in Australia? What does the literature say about dying at home?

In the first background paper we looked at the experience of community hospice in the US, UK and NZ and asked ‘what is it that makes community hospice so different?’

This second background paper concludes the study by looking at the local service context.

Why is this of interest to palliative care volunteers? Alex Huntir from Palliative Care NSW explains:

“We want to see quality palliative care for everyone in NSW. And we want to champion and support the work of palliative care volunteers in NSW. Growth in the community hospice could lead to a dramatic increase in the number and activity of volunteers. So we are keen to be supportive and involved early-on.”

Follow the link below to download Part 2 of the report.

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