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2021 Awards for Excellence in palliative care

Each year the National Palliative Care Awards recognise the excellent work delivered by individuals and organisations who provide exceptional support for people receiving palliative care.

The 2021 Awards will, for the first time, recognise the outstanding contributions by individuals working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander palliative care, paediatric palliative care, community based care, and generalist palliative care.

One of the awards that we particularly celebrate is, Outstanding achievement by a volunteer.

Volunteers mean the world to us. This award recognises the exceptional contribution of a volunteer in improving the experience of a patient/s with palliative care needs or their family.

Nominations in this category are judged on the following:
• Commitment: how this volunteer has demonstrated considerable commitment in terms of responsibility assumed and how his/her responsibilities have increased over time;
• Impact: how this volunteer has made a notable impact while serving patients and families;
• Personal Growth: How the nominee has grown personally through his/her volunteer work and how that has been demonstrated using specific examples.
• Inspiration to others: How this nominee has served as an inspiration to fellow volunteers and the palliative care organisation

For more information on all the award categories, and to download the nomination form, visit Palliative Care Australia website.

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