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Volunteer stories and reflections: An update from Ros

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my requests for your stories, reflections, images and music. I’ve been really impressed with your work. Feedback has shown that Volunteers have also found the experience of sharing their thoughts invaluable, which is very encouraging.

Over the last month I have also been traveling and meeting with groups of Volunteers and each time their courage, resilience and honouring moved me.

I am now in  the last few weeks of my project, and my final “ask” of Volunteers is to respond to any (or all) of my previous trigger questions. Here are a few of them:

‘Do you have a special passage which best conveys what death means to you?’ It may be a poem you’ve read or written, a saying or a sacred text.’

‘Do you have an image which helps explain the paradox of life and death which you might have witnessed or understand the mystery of death. If you’d like to add a few lines on why you chose this image, please do.’

‘Do you have a piece of music which resonates deeply within you? Or maybe it express the living and dying process which you have witnessed in your Palliative Care work? Perhaps you can share too why have you chosen it?’

Next month I hope to share with you some of the contributions.

Thanks again, and happy National Volunteer Week!

Ros Bradley

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