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The life of Palliative Care Volunteer Managers in Victoria

Our colleagues at Palliative Care Victoria have recently completed a survey of volunteer managers in their state.

The 2016-17 Managers of Palliative Care Volunteers Survey was undertaken to provide an up-to-date census of the palliative care volunteer workforce, to inform priorities for planning for the next two years, and to identify priority actions for Palliative Care Victoria and palliative care services.

Of the 75 palliative care services in Victoria that responded to the survey, 53 report that they collectively had 1,511 active palliative care volunteers, and 42 of those services provided detailed responses.  Just over half of those services have fewer than 20 volunteers.  Twenty-two services do not have any active palliative care volunteers and most of these are smaller rural services.

Palliative Care Victoria is confident that "The responses have given us a more complete picture of palliative care volunteering in Victoria and valuable insights into what needs to be done, over the next few years, to strengthen volunteering in the sector and support volunteers and their Managers".

Click here to read or download the report (scroll to the bottom of the page).

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