Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme
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Palliative Care Volunteer services growing in Dareton, Far West NSW

Melissa Cumming, Director Palliative Care Services in Far West Local Health District, has welcomed the growth in Palliative Care Volunteer Services with the recent appointment of a second Volunteer Coordinator for the LHD based at the Dareton Palliative Care Service.

Triona Allen joined the Dareton Palliative Care Team as the Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator and will establish a new volunteer service in that sector. Dareton is located close to the Victorian border, not far from Mildura.

An existing Palliative Care Volunteer Service is based at the LHD’s main population centre of Broken Hill and managed by Janet Pearce, Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator.

Melissa welcomed Triona to the team, saying “Triona will soon graduate as a Social Worker and brings with her a diverse background in education and volunteering. She is currently working with Janet and the local team to adapt resources for local context, and will soon commence recruitment for community based palliative care volunteers”.

A second recruitment drive for palliative care volunteers is underway in Broken Hill, following the initial recruitment and training of the first cohort of volunteers last year.

The volunteers work with patients in both the hospital and community setting. “Our volunteers have been such a valuable addition to the palliative care team, and now the demand is such that we need to train another cohort of volunteers” said Janet Pearce.

Both the Broken Hill and Dareton Palliative Care Volunteer Service have utilised, and are appreciative of the resources from, the Palliative Care Volunteer Support Services Programme managed by Palliative Care NSW.

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Volunteer services breaking new ground in Western NSW

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