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Palliative Care focus of training for Broken Hill volunteers

The Broken Hill Hospital Dementia/Delirium & Palliative Care Volunteers attended an update in Palliative Care Volunteer training in August, facilitated by Melissa Cumming, Director Cancer & Palliative Care.

During the interactive sessions, the group used focus topics to explore many aspects of their role including the positives and challenges of the volunteer experience; self-care; and the physical changes to be aware of when someone is dying.

Following some readings of volunteer narratives, the volunteers were asked to identify some “positives”  in their volunteering role. Not surprisingly, many similarities existed between volunteer responses including “gratefulness”, “easing the burden of patients and carers” , “making a difference” and “giving back”.

Dr Sarah Wenham, Palliative Care Physician, presented on Communicating with Palliative Care and Dementia Patients, discussing the various forms of communication and sharing her insight and knowledge with the volunteers. Sarah commended the volunteers on their valuable role within the Palliative Care Team.

Pic: Local Volunteer Manager Mary Leehane (R) next to Melissa Cumming and participants in the Palliative Care Volunteer training group, with Dr Sarah Wenham (far left).

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