Public health. Palliative care. What will you be celebrating in 2 years?

Sydney has been decided as the next venue for the 6th Public Health and Palliative Care International Conference in 2019.

Held every 2 years the conference highlights the progress made in the field of public health as it applies to palliative care. And palliative care as it applies to public health.

The goals of public health palliative care have been described as:

  • Building public policies that support dying, death, loss and grief
  • Creating supportive environments (in particular social supports)
  • Strengthening community action
  • Developing personal skills in these areas, and
  • Re-orientating the health system.

If you’ve always wanted to make a difference in your community through health promoting palliative care and needed a good excuse to start your project then it’s time to dust off those plans. Who knows, your project may be featured as a success story to this international audience.

Runners-up to the Sydney selection, and hopefully hosts of the 2021 conference, were Rwanda.

Find out more about the work of, and how to join, Public Health and Palliative Care International here.