Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme
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New volunteers ready to go in the Eurobodalla

Southern NSW Local Health District is all set to re-open their palliative care volunteer service operating from Moruya with their new volunteer recruits having completed all the training requirements.

On 17 December 2020, seven volunteers underwent their final manual handling and assisting of palliative clients training at Batemans Bay Hospital. The training was facilitated by two local Occupational Therapists, Molly and Lux.

Palliative Care NSW with funding from Coordinare has been working closely with Southern NSW LHD to increase the number of palliative care volunteer services in the region through the Consumer and Carer Relief at End of Life (CCREOL) Project.

Fiona Sivyer, CCREOL Project Manager, and Dinah Lightfoot, Volunteer Coordinator of the Eurobodalla service were there on the day to support the new volunteer team. The volunteers all graduated at the end of the training on the 17th and were presented with certificates the very same day.

“We were lucky enough to only be on ‘green alert’ for COVID meaning we were able to work in close proximity with hand sanitizer and without masks on,” Fiona said. “This made a huge difference when teaching skills focusing on assisting clients and manual handling.”

The Eurobodalla Palliative Care Volunteer Service is expected to recommence operation in January 2021 and will offer volunteer assistance into homes and residential aged care facilities.

Photo (clockwise from top left): Gail Whelan, Cristina Giusti, Marlies Straub, Dianne McInnes, Timothy Cheetham, Patricia Holmes, Susan Meade.

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