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New Palliative Care NSW website launched in National Palliative Care Week

Linda Hansen from Palliative Care NSW is proud to announce the launch of the new website for the organisation.

“We wanted to update the look and attractiveness of the website. But we have also added new resources, a new service finder and a new members section”.

“We will be posting stories to a new News section where you’ll find stories from palliative care over the last year or more”.

“Services can post jobs through the website. For National Palliative Care Week, in the future members will be able to request materials online and post news about their NPCW events too”.

Palliative Care NSW is the peak body and leading voice in NSW promoting quality palliative care for all, and has a mission to promote awareness of palliative care through education and networks for the health workforce and broader NSW community.

Membership is open to individuals and organisations.

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