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Mt Druitt community forum talks about supportive care in National Palliative Care Week

Panel members of the Western Sydney Community Forum on Palliative Care spoke to a packed venue in Rooty Hill.

Chaired by Dr Philip Lee, the panel members included Dr Sally Greenaway (Haematologist & Palliative Care Physician), Deborah Maclaren (Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner), Wendy Pavlek (Social Worker Palliative Care) and Alex Huntir (Volunteer Support Services Programme, Palliative Care NSW).

The forum covered a range of topics relevant to people and family members in Palliative Care exploring what makes Palliative Care unique, how is Palliative Care accessed and delivered and the role of advance care planning.

The audience came from across the Western Sydney area and included several Palliative Care Volunteers attached to the Western Sydney volunteer service which has been recently developed by volunteer coordinator Kylie Clark.

An initiative of the staff at the Mt Druitt Supportive and Palliative Care Unit (SPCU), the event is the first of what they hope to be many more of it’s type.

Pic: Dr Philip Lee with panel members (from L) Dr Sally Greenaway, Deborah Maclaren, Alex Huntir and Wendy Pavlek.

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