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Emotional intelligence, palliative care & volunteers

Event 6 July. The insight into your own emotions and the ability to respond to others with empathy are key to emotional intelligence and awareness. These qualities are crucial to the role of volunteers and clinicians in palliative care.

In our recent survey of nurses involved with palliative care volunteers some 89% of respondents agreed that volunteers displayed empathy and emotional awareness.

Emotional Intelligence for Volunteer /NFP Managers (6 July 2017)

The Centre for Volunteering is hosting Emotional Intelligence for Volunteer/NFP Managers which is offered face to face in Sydney by facilitator Tulsi Van de Graaf.

The facilitator intends that this workshop will enable you to: ‘Understand the key components of emotional intelligence; Improve your emotional intelligence including developing self-awareness and your ability to manage your emotions; Recognise and appreciate the emotional strengths and challenges of others; Promote the development of emotional intelligence in others’.

The Science and Psychology of Flourishing (28 July 2017)

Emotional intelligence builds on the work of the positive psychology approach that aims to ‘enhance and build on what is working well, not just treating what isn't’.

According to the facilitators this workshop looks at the application of positive interventions that lead to human 'flourishing' and high levels of wellbeing including meaning making, learnt optimism and mindfulness.

The Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies is offering this 7 hour program in Sydney.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace (TBA)

Fighting Fair offers this course as a 1 day workshop or by in-house delivery for organisations.

They claim it will ‘assist managers, team leaders and team members to develop insight and awareness of their own and others’ emotions (behaviours, moods, reactions) to intentionally improve individual, team and organisational outcomes (wellbeing) in the workplace. It will also discuss and practice the 7 core EI competencies (skills and strategies) that are essential in the development and management of effective and productive interpersonal interactions’.

Click here for more information.

Pic: Tulsi Van de Graaf, facilitator of 'Emotional Intelligence for Volunteer /NFP Managers'

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