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Dying To Know Day- August 8

Dying To Know Day is designed to encourage communities to become more death literate. But what does being ‘death literate’ mean exactly?

It’s the practical know-how needed to plan well for end of life. This includes knowledge, skills, and being able to take action. Getting involved in end of life care and having conversations can help build our death literacy.

‘Death literacy’ recognises the role that everyone has in end of life care and death care. Having knowledge helps us make informed decisions about the care, being able to act on that knowledge is empowering.

Raising the ‘death literacy’ of a community will lead to better end of life care for us all. Get involved in Dying To Know Day this August. Host or attend an event.

For more information please click here to go to the Dying To Know website. There you can find resources and information to help.

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Tina Pidcock at Cancer Council NSW

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