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Congratulations on International Volunteer Day!

“Until death, it is all life.” Cervantes

Congratulations to all volunteers on International Volunteer Day, today 5th of December.

Last Friday at The Centre for Volunteering volunteers from around the state were recognised for their contribution to community at the annual NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards.

In each case they embodied Cervantes’ comment, that life compels all.

The NSW Minister for Aging, Disability Services and Multiculturalism John Ajaka observed that “volunteers in NSW provide more than 240 million hours of support each year, conservatively valued at $5 billion. This incredible effort cannot be understated. I congratulate the winners and nominees and I applaud the wonderful example of volunteering they represent.”

Congratulations also to The Centre for Volunteering for their ongoing work with the NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards.


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