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Community backs palliative care volunteering plans in Coonabarabran

Candice Golding, Volunteer Coordinator in the northern sector of Western NSW LHD and Kate Bowman from Palliative Care NSW attended the Community Services Expo in Coonabarabran this week to talk about palliative care volunteering.

Kate, Policy Officer at Palliative Care NSW, recently completed a comprehensive mapping survey of community organisations in the northern sector of Western NSW LHD to identify organisations with volunteers and with an interest in supporting people in supportive or end of life care. Candice has networked in the same area to identify interest in palliative care volunteer support amongst clinicians.

The timing of the annual Community Services Expo was fortuitous in enabling Kate and Candice to meet many of the community contacts from the Coonabarabran area.

Some 300 people came through the doors during the day.

Candice described the day as a huge success, adding that “the community is very excited about this project. We had numerous people from the community and service coming to us expressing their willingness to start, help and support the project at any level”.

The focus will now shift to the southern sector of the WNSWLHD to complete a similar mapping survey.

Amongst other things Coonabarabran is home to an Australian Museum exhibition that displays the skeleton and skull of a Diprotodon, the largest marsupial ever to have lived. It is often likened to a giant sized wombat. The remains of the Diprotodon were found in the creek bed of Cox's Creek near Tambar Springs in 1979. 

Pic: Kate Bowman (Palliative Care NSW) (L) and Candice Golding (WNSWLHD) at the Coonabarabran Community Services Expo on Wednesday.

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