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An aging theme for National Palliative Care Week 21-28th May 2017

The theme for this year’s National Palliative Care Week is ‘You matter, your care matters. Palliative care can make a difference’.

National Palliative Care Week is a national week supported by the Department of Health to raise awareness and understanding about palliative care in the Australian community.

The theme addresses the need for aged care services to provide palliative care where appropriate.

Palliative Care Australia will highlight how palliative care can help people accessing aged care services to have a high quality of life, right to the end of life.

People in aged care often have more than one chronic illness which affects their health in different ways. Palliative care can help manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

A number of events are planned for National Palliative Care Week 2017, please see the Palliative Care Australia events page for national and local events.

See the Palliative Care Australia Website for more information about National Palliative Care Week 2017.

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