Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

Our Staff

Alex Huntir, Manager Volunteer Support Services Programme

Alex joined us in July 2014 to manage the Volunteer Support Services Programme.

He previously worked as a nurse in oncology before moving into community services management, working as CEO of a Tasmanian disability support service and then of Cystic Fibrosis NSW. He also has a background in legislation, policy development, training, auditing and quality systems.

Alex has held voluntary governance roles in non-government organisations including President of the Tasmanian Council of Social Services on the Board of the Australian Council of Social Services. He has also volunteered with Red Cross and the former Tasmanian Aids Council, as well as the Tasmanian Sail Training Association.

“The energy and devotion that volunteers, particularly palliative care volunteers, bring to their roles remind us that relationships are at the heart of community.”

Alex holds a Bachelor of Nursing and an MBA and is interested in organisational capacity building and primary health care. Email Alex.

Megan Burke, Policy Officer

Megan was introduced to Palliative Care NSW in July 2015, as part of an internship program while completing a Masters of Policy and Applied Social Research at Macquarie University, concluding a study on palliative care volunteering in aged care facilities during this time.

Since the end of the internship Megan has begun working part-time as a Policy Officer for Palliative Care NSW and is currently investigating the experiences of volunteers in paediatric palliative care, with more projects to follow throughout the year.

Having quickly developed an intense belief in the importance of high quality palliative care Megan is excited to learn more about how this sector could be improved and share this knowledge along the way. Email Megan.

Kate Bowman, Policy Officer

Kate joined Palliative Care NSW first during her internship through Macquarie University as part of the requirements for a Bachelor of Social Science degree.

Her first project involved talking with volunteer managers of community services about their volunteers who find themselves incidentally coming into contact with people at or near the end of life. Since then Kate has been looking into the recent history of developments in aged care and palliative care. Email Kate.