Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

Gypsy Artemis

Gypsy’s involvement with the Central Coast LHD bereavement program followed a personal experience with the death of her mother.

Volunteering in bereavement has confirmed her interest in end of life support. “I had one client whose husband had the most amazing death, she wanted to celebrate it, so I said let’s make a film and tell the story and you can pass it on down the family. So that’s what we did”.

A young energetic woman, the bereavement program alone is not likely to hold her interest for the long term. “I really want to develop relationships with people at end of life, that’s my passion, direct support for people around end of life.”

Community engagement is something that also is of interest to her. “I’d love to train in the end of life area, and to get young people involved in palliative care around Australia. Whilst I want to do bedside stuff, I am a trainer and have worked in the community, and so community training is a way that my skills could be utilised. The palliative care workers and volunteers are such a valuable resource in the community, how can we do capacity building in the community?”

Proving that volunteers come from all walks of life, Gypsy is actively involved in running her own business and feels the tension of being committed to both volunteering and building her business. “I’m time poor, so for every hour I spend time in volunteering then my business misses out, so (the nature of the volunteering) has to hold my interest”.

Gypsy Artemis Sept 2014