Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

Innovations and opportunities

Palliative care volunteers within aged care services?

Where do palliative care volunteers fit into the model of care for our aged people?

Bronwyn Heron shares some experiences from when she started working as a Clinical Nurse Consultant Palliative Care with Anglican Retirement Villages (ARV) nearly 4 years ago, joining Palliative Care CNC colleague Christine Lancaster. More…

Palliative care volunteers in prison settings – lessons from the US

In the 10 year period from 2000 the population of prisoners in NSW over the age of 65 increased about two and a half times (by 151.6%) (Browning et al, 2011:2).

This trend creates an ongoing resource challenge for prison administrators in supporting the health and palliative care needs of inmates. One of the options for supporting the delivery of palliative care in the prison setting is the engagement of fellow inmates as palliative care volunteers. More…

Volunteering and Aboriginal culture

White folk map the land, on paper, with scientific detachment, as if a disembodied thing viewed from afar. Black folk wear the land like a garment, around their shoulders, close to their skin, sustained by it and entangled within it.

So too it is with family. To understand the Aboriginal notions of volunteering is to first understand their traditional cultural understandings of family. More…

Engaging under 18 year-olds in Hospice Volunteering

St Luke’s (Plymouth, UK) identified an opportunity to engage with local young people who were looking to improve their employment opportunities. Young people (under 18 years) were not typical of their volunteer cohort.

“Plymouth used to have lots of opportunities for employment with the presence of the Defence force industry, but when they left the local economy suffered”, said Gail Wilson Associate Director for Education and Development at St Luke’s. More...