Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

Volunteer Services

In 2014 Palliative Care NSW recieved funding from the NSW Government (NSW Health) under the NSW Government plan to increase access to palliative care 2012-2016 of $1M over 3 years to undertake the Volunteer Support Services Program. The program aims to increase the capacity of palliative care volunteer services, and to raise public awareness about their work. Ultimately the Volunteer Support Services Program will develop a State-wide Framework for Palliative Care Volunteer Services to be finalised in 2017.

Report on palliative care volunteer services (2014)

Palliative care volunteers feature in our media and in policy documents, but little is known about their quantum, management or scope of activities in New South Wales (NSW). Increasingly their role is valued as an important feature of palliative care service provision. In 2014 we studied the activities of palliative care volunteer services in NSW and  published "A Snapshot of Palliative Care Volunteering in 2014".

Future work of the program will include:

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with palliative care volunteer services
  • Recruiting, training and developing palliative care volunteers
  • Supporting and developing Volunteer Coordinators
  • Web-portal for volunteers and services
  • Resources for palliative care volunteer services
  • An App to assist with identifying local services and volunteer opportunities
  • State-wide Framework for Palliative Care Volunteer Service