2022 Snapshot of Palliative Care Volunteering in NSW

About this research

As a condition of our funding agreement, the NSW Ministry of Health requires the PCNSW Volunteer Support Service Programme to engage in research and report on the state of palliative care volunteering in NSW.

Understanding the context of volunteering helps us to better support services and volunteers and to continue to provide suitable education and resources. Our aim is to help increase the overall capacity of palliative care volunteer services so the people of NSW are better supported at end of life.

Our first survey was undertaken in 2014. Before that, there was no complete data on the number and location of palliative care volunteer services in NSW, how many volunteers were engaged, or what their roles and responsibilities were. The second survey was carried out in 2018 and it was decided that gathering longitudinal data every four years was the best approach.

You can catch up on reading the reports from previous years by clicking on the links below.

Snapshot 2014: A Review of Palliative Care Volunteering in NSW

Snapshot 2018: A Review of Palliative Care Volunteering in NSW

What do Managers have to do?

Over the next few weeks we will ask each and every Palliative Care Volunteer Service Volunteer Manager in NSW for data about their service, whether or not you had active volunteers. We are only interested in data representing the previous calendar year, that is, 2021. All data we gather is conglomerated and de-identified. Only PCNSW will have access to the survey question responses and no participant names or service locations will be identified in the report.

Please use the scheduling tool on this page below to book your interview at a time convenient to you. Interviews will be conducted over Zoom as it is easy to access via both computer and voice call. In 2018, the average survey time was 30 minutes although many were shorter than that.

IMPORTANT: Please come to the interview with the answers to the questions ready. This will save a lot of time. Please remember – we only want stats from 2021.

I will email out the questions once they are finalised so you have time to prepare your responses. I have allocated one hour time slots for each meeting to allow those who wish to elaborate the time to do so and to provide a buffer for unexpected delays.

We very much appreciate you making time to meaningfully engage with the research.

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