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Volunteer leader on the Central Coast looks to the future

Heading up the Palliative Care volunteer service on the Central Coast, Ellen Smith says she wants to bring something of herself into the world of people in palliative care by supporting volunteers.

“I want to raise awareness in the local community about the wonderful work  being done by our volunteers & staff.”

Ellen took on the Volunteer Coordinator role with the Central Coast LHD some 5 months ago.

Based in the Long Jetty Health Care Centre her volunteer numbers are divided almost evenly into respite (home visiting) roles and bereavement roles with some volunteers involved in both.

Ellen has high praise for her willing volunteers. “The volunteers are so supportive of their local community, keen to go out of their way to help”.

With a likely increase in need Ellen is looking to the future, as to how the volunteer service can grow.

The figures for the Central Coast show that the area has a higher than average number of people over the age of 65 years, with increasing numbers notably amongst the over 85 years group, reflecting its popularity as a retirement area.

Palliative care and volunteering on the Central Coast has long been supported by the not for profit Central Coast Palliative Care Volunteer Foundation. Part of Ellen’s role is liaising with the ongoing work of the Foundation.

If you are interested in palliative care volunteering on the Central Coast contact Ellen on (02) 4336 7777.

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