Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

Volunteer management workshops

3 months ago

The Principles of Volunteer Management program, from The Beryl Institute is a 3-part virtual workshop covering foundational aspects of leading an effective healthcare volunteer program. ...


Workshop coming to Central Western NSW

4 months ago

Palliative Care NSW and the Volunteer Support Services Programme is pleased to bring another workshop to the Central West of NSW. 2020 has been a ...


Resilience isn’t futile

8 months ago

Palliative Care NSW ran it’s first online Zoom workshop for volunteers yesterday, “Resilience in the face of adversity”. Our presenter was Mirna Tarabay who has ...


Resilience in the face of adversity workshop

9 months ago

Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme brings you a FREE workshop for palliative care volunteers. Presented by Mirna Tarabay. We are very pleased to ...


Well-being when it matters most

11 months ago

On Tuesday 6 October the Parkes Palliative Care Volunteers undertook a 3 hour workshop ‘Well-being When it Matters Most’. Volunteer Coordinator Tony Fisher says it ...


Volunteers and the therapy of creative art

5 years ago

About 25 volunteers and managers headed to the Volunteer Workshop in Orange during National Palliative Care Week to reflect on palliative care and celebrating life ...


Legal issues and volunteers

5 years ago

How does the Civil Liability Act apply to volunteers? Did you know that intellectual property created by a volunteer is treated differently to that created ...