Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

Grief and Bereavement Conference

4 months ago

As a health professional or volunteer, or in other relevant capacities, you may encounter people who have lost their significant others through death and thus ...


Loss and grief support training

5 months ago

Grief can feel like being lost in a maze of conflicting emotions. A helping hand and a listening ear can be beneficial in supporting someone ...


Resilience in the face of adversity workshop

12 months ago

Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme brings you a FREE workshop for palliative care volunteers. Presented by Mirna Tarabay. We are very pleased to ...


Grieve Writing Competition

2 years ago

The Grieve Project believes that healing can happen through the sharing of stories. Opening on Valentine’s Day each year the Grieve Project via the Hunter ...


NSW Palliative Care Volunteer Conference

3 years ago

Day 1 Three workshops were held, with a strong focus on spirituality, mindfulness and self-care. Michael Dash, who is the coordinator of the Sydney Local ...


Death and Dying at the Powerhouse

5 years ago

Magical thinking, derangement, hauntings, superstitions, myths, celebrations and rituals. In subtle and not so subtle ways our reactions to loss reflect an social anthropology of ...