Palliative Care NSW Volunteer Support Services Programme

Rural & Regional

Rural and Regional Community Visiting Volunteers

Like their counterparts in the city, community visiting volunteers in rural and regional NSW are involved in supporting people in palliative care and their families while they are at home.

In rural and regional areas they face unique challenges associated with travelling, isolation and working with people they have known in their community.

What can we learn about the people involved in this area of volunteering?

In 2017 Palliative Care NSW surveyed Community visiting volunteers in rural and regional NSW to find out more about their experiences.

Read the research report by Kate Bowman, Megan Burke and Alex Huntir (click on the blue text below).

Challenges for volunteering in the bush

What can we learn from the past, when the service we tried hard to establish just fades away?

The history of palliative care is illuminated by stories of effort and achievement. But not always. Sometimes the story is an initial flourish followed by a slow fade. Such is the nature of this story.

This report looks into the history of an effort by a group of practitioners in regional NSW to establish a volunteer initiative across multiple sites. The program was supported for a short but then slowly declined, much to the disappointment of many. In addition to acknowledging the commitment demonstrated by the individuals involved, the report is interested in how a similar disinvestment can be avoided in the future.

Ultimately the aim is to use their experience to identify what features would constitute a sustainable palliative care volunteer program in a similar regional area.

Read the 2016 report by Alex Huntir of the Volunteer Support Services Programme below (please click on the blue text to download).